Current Guild President Mr Bagatya Joshua

I greet you all in the name of God. I take this opportunity to thank the Buganda Royal fraternity for their love and support rendered towards my victory. I have elected / appointed a well committed cabinet that is willing to serve in the era 2018- 2019. We believe in teamwork, self-respect and hard work.We are here to introduce fundamental changes that are to impact all who are living with in and outside Buganda royal institute

We believe that with God’s provision of wisdom, knowledge and understanding Buganda Royal Institute will not remain the same.My cabinet, and I we believe that working hand in hand with both the administration and students body will head to the best of results during our era. And at this point I call onto cooperation from the staff members, Heads of departments and the entire students body.We are working on various projects, which are to benefit Buganda Royal society for generations once accomplished by God’s grace

To the new students allow me take this opportunity to welcome you all. This is Buganda Royal Institute of Business and Technical Education Mengo Kakeeka where we believe that education is the best investment. With in the institution there are a number of associations and clubs which include; Buganda Nkobazambogo, Buganda Royal Eastern Association, Buganda Royal Western association,. Buganda Royal Ngabi Association Buganda Royal Rotract Club. The Royal Inspector whereby these association s and clubs are of great importance towards your life, all throughout your stay at BRIBTE

As the Guild President I urge you fellow brothers and sister s to join them and believe you me, by the time you will leave this might `Institution, you will be someone `else.We also have four halls, which include Chwa Kisosonkole, Mutebi Ssangalyambogo, Muteesa Nnabagereka, and lastly Mwanga hall. To whichever hall you are given. Please endeavour to participate fully where you can so that your hall registers victory While at campus, I expected you to be your brother’s and sisters keeper because we are a family

God loves you all, stay blessed

I convey greetings from the principal to us all





Guild Council Representative 2017-2018