Nkobazambogo and Guild council handed over their offices.

Mr. Ssaka Bashir the new guild president

Yesterday was fantastic as both Nkobazambogo and guild council were handing over their offices to the new elected leaders
The guest of honor was omukungu Anthony Wamala who thanked the former Nkobazambogo chairman Mr.Jacob Mpoza for presenting so well his report ,he also thanked the former guild president Mr. semusu Stephen for the good leadership and he encouraged Mr. Ssaka Bashir the new guild president to initiate his own legacy and he wished him a good term in office.


  • Musamali John
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    I would like to know when will the intake of 2022-2023 begin

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      hello thank you for contacting BUGANDA ROYAL INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION MENGO.we have just finished the APRIL intake but we still have the August Intake starting July 2022.

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