On 21,January 2022, BRIBTE held its 16th graduation ceremony where 509 students graduated.
This ceremony was for students who didn’t graduate at the last year’s graduation due to different reasons, and mainly COVID-19.
The ceremony was honored by the presence of the chief guest Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga, the Katikkiro of Buganda, the First Deputy Katikkiro Prof. Twaha Kigongo Kaawaase, the Second Deputy Katikkiro Owek.Wagwa Nsibirwa, the Honourable Minister of State for the Trade and Cooperatives Hon. Harriet Ntabazi, the Minister of Education Buganda Kingdom Owek. Dr. Prosperous Nankinddu Kavuma, Kabaka’s ministers, Abaamadaza, Deputy RCC Rubaga, Deputy RDC Kassanda Mr. Seif Katabazi, His Worship Mawula Mberaze the Mayor of Rubaga Division and other officials. The Katikkiro thanked the Governing Council of BRIBTE led by Dr.Kasozi Mulindwa and Management led by Omuk.Anthony Wamala the Principal for being resilient despite the challenges of Covid-19 and many others. “Your resilience during this challenging period is a good lesson to the young generation on how they should always stand firm and overcome difficult situations”.

The Katikkiro further appreciated the numerous collaborations initiated by the Institute as these are fundamental towards enhancing opportunities on resource mobilisation and training of learners. Owek. Mayiga believes that BRIBTE’s dedication to vocational education has mapped out a journey which will lead to a skilled Buganda Kingdom and the country at large.

The Katikkiro also gave a word of counsel to the graduands.
“Dear graduates, we’re here to witness your achievements, congratulations to you all. You have acquired the skills and the education that will help you realize your dreams and dreams.
A dream can be realized, if the right plan is put in the right place. One of the plans is training which has been provided to you by the institute. We thank your parents and guardians for having sacrificed to pay for your education.” The Katikkiro said.
He urged the graduates to picture the kind of people they want to be, he said no one can succeed in any field unless the person sees himself as somebody in some position. He advised them to have a picture of who they want to be in their minds, and then they after what their minds have pictured because he’s sure that’s how people succeed in life.
“During this COVID-19 pandemic ,we have learnt how fragile what we take for granted is, new and unknown methods of imparting education and skills were introduced. I also thank Mr.Sserwanga who spearheaded that initiative of E-learning, the student who managed to adopt changes is the one who have reached the ultimate goal. I congratulate you once again.” Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga said
The Katikkiro advised the graduates to use the same method in life, to always adopt to new changes in communities and the work places they’re going to be engaged with. He also cautioned them not to spend time lamenting on what they cant change but rather to learn how to cope with the situations.
Owek. also urged graduates to go for further studies and acquire knowledge from people around them if they want to compete in today’s world which is so competitive because certificate and diploma isn’t sufficient.

Hon. Harriet Ntabazi who also graced the ceremony appreciated Buganda Kingdom for collaborating with the Central Government in improving the livelihood of Ugandans especially the youths. The Minister also thanked the Governing Council of BRIBTE, the Principal and staff for imparting skills and knowledge to the young generation which will transform them into employable citizens ready to steer the industrialisation program which is currently being pursed by the Central Government.

“I want to congratulate you graduands. Thank you for the effort you put in to have registered achieved this milestone. Remember you’re soon joining a competitive economy and as such, I encourage you to focus on producing quality work in whatever you will be doing because quality leads to competitiveness. With quality, market is readily available.” said Hon. Ntabazi.

Owek. Nakindu Kavuma thanked graduates for being patient enough to go through the first and second lockdown. She thanked Dr. Mulindwa and the entire Council for good stewardship of the institute despite the challenges.

The Principal Omuk.Anthony Wamala reported that despite the challenges caused by COVID-19, BRIBTE has remained strong and vibrant. He encouraged graduates to go out there and serve.
“Avoid laziness and corruption which are eating up our society. You should know that there’s no easy money.”Omuk.Anthony Wamala said






















































































































ON 21ST JANUARY 2022,Buganda Royal institute will hold its 16th graduation ceremony at the institute’s premises.Academic registrar of BRIBTE, Mr.Kaggwa Apollo said that certificate students of the 2018 intake are the one to graduate and all those who missed their graduations due to different reasons.


He said because it’s still  COVID situation, parents are not invited as it’s always  done. They will watch the whole ceremony from home on their televisions. The chief guest is OWEK. Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga, the institute has invited a few people from  organizations they pattern with ,Uganda  government officials ,religious leaders and officials from the Buganda kingdom.


“For any graduand who’s looking forward to appearing on the graduation list which will be out on 18thJanuary,2022,must have done all his or her retakes if he or she failed some exams. And for those who missed some exams you must have done your special exams. You have to also have paid all the institute’s dues plus the graduation fee, after completing all those steps then your qualified to be on the graduation list.”


Mr.Kaggwa congratulated the graduants, and he believes that they have prepared them so well. He’s sure that they will win if they be humble and  use the skills given to them by the institute out in the field.


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    I was a student 2017-2018 doing Ordinary Diploma in mechanical engineering (ODM) l left with out appling for dead year and didn’t finish my course,
    Can I come back and resume with my course??

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      Thanking for contacting us but you can’ have to start afresh

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    Message * we love kabakas’ words towards young generation. And if God wishes am to join BRIBTE this year. Thank u

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