BRIBTE determined to reach out to all.

BRIBTE determined to reach out to all

Although the Institute initially started while conducting only school based  training and for only applicants who completed senior four and above, this has changed overtime having learnt that Business, Technical, Vocational education and training is meant to benefit all irrespective of their prior education attainment.

Subsequently, the Institute introduced the non-formal training which attracts students who are simply interested in developing basic skills in any specific component of a particular field. Thereafter, the Institute secured Accreditation and Center Number from the Directorate of Industrial Training, a government Agency responsible for examining candidates under this category.

Since then, enrolment on this program has increased same as enrolment for formal training. This window has enable both the young and old to acquire practical knowledge and skills for self-employment.

Along the course, BRIBTE has partnered with other community based organizations aiming at empowering vulnerable communities to be able to fix a nut. This arrangement culminated into both on school and off school group training that has benefited many. Late this year 2018, over 67 trainees sponsored by Namulondo Investments enrolled to undertake training in Plumbing, Domestic Electrical Installation, Building and Concrete Practice. This group is being trained.

Building and Concrete Practice

On the other hand, the Institute has continue to offer of campus training to organized communities. In October 2018, BRIBTE was engaged by Biyinzika Poultry International to conduct a Basic Skills training in Mechanics for Drivers and supervisors.   Similar trainings have been offered to a number of communities before.

It is not too late for whoever wants to train in a given field to celebrate their dream. Simply find us at Mengo. We shall deliver the skills to your nearest point of preference, notably the non-formal skills. BRIBTE is grateful to institutions and leaders who have come out to mobilise their communities to benefit from this initiative.


0ver 200 trainees pass-out at Buganda Royal Institute

It was joy and happiness and completers, parents and guardians gathered at the Institute to witness the passing out of over 200 trainees having completed training in job oriented short courses. The ceremony took place on 27th June 2018 and it attracted different dignitaries. Notably, the occasion was graced by the Executive Director of Children Aid Fund (CAF)-Uganda Dr. Jackson Bitababeho, Delegation from Rubaga Hospital and Top Management of the Institute.

Students during their last exhibition.

The completers were supported by CAF having been identified as Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) by Rubaga Hospital. After undergoing practical training for six months, completers exhibited all what they had learnt ranging from domestic installation, building and construction, making garments of different sorts, food production and bakery, motor mechanics among others.

           The Executive Director CAF implored the completers to use the knowledge and skills acquired to start own jobs and businesses.

Ms. Violet Ahimbisibwe giving out her speech during their exhibition.

On behalf of the trainees, Ms. Violet Ahimbisibwe thanked CAF, Buganda Royal and Lubaga Hospital for the generous support rendered to them. She asked the sponsors and other well-wishers to further support them with start-ups which they need now to become self-employed.

Mr. Anthony Wamala The Principal BRIBTE.

The Principal, Mr. Anthony Wamala thanked CAF and Management of Rubaga Hospital for their support rendered to these needy youths who would otherwise be wasted. The Principal iterated that Buganda Royal is ready and will continue partnering with all stakeholders towards reshaping society through offering skills and knowledge power for self-sustainability.





Students during the Last Food Exhibition 2017

The Department of Hotels and Tourism has for the past three years been organising the Annual Food Exhibition. This year’s Food Exhibition is set for 18th May 2018 at the Institute Campus, Kakeeka Mengo. The Exhibition provides a platform through which students showcase their mastery of the skills and knowledge acquired during their stay at the Institute. It involves preparation of all sorts of Dishes ranging from Local to International Menu.

It is an event that enables students to transfer the skills from theory into practice thus helping them (students) to advance practically, ahead of graduation. The Foods Expo also builds the confidence of students and enhances their understanding of the Hotel operation concept.

Head of Department Hotel and Tourism Madam Ann Nakabuye

Besides skills enhancement, the Expo is an Exposure Avenue through which big Hotels, Tours and Travel companies can get to know about students whom they can potentially employ in the near future. To Buganda Royal Institute, the Expo offers independent assessment of the students by the guest audiences.

Madam Nakabuye Ann who heads the Department Hotel and Tourism urges students of Hotels and Tourism to take keen interest in this Expo because it enables the department to identify the strengths and weaknesses that should be dealt with whilst preparing a complete graduand. Ms. Ann adds that the Expo also helps to predict and determine the future Departmental prospectus especially in the view of vocational training.






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