South Korean Diplomat Visits Buganda Royal Institute

Korean Diplomat hails Buganda rich Culture.

Principal Mr. Anthony Wamala shaking hands with Yoon Jung Tae

By Bruce Yawe and Samuel Jingo

The Second Secretary at the Korean Embas­sy in Uganda Mr. Yoon Jung Tae has praised Buganda’s culture, saying it is one of the best in Africa. He was addressing students and staff of Buganda Royal at their annual cultural gala 2018, where he was the guest of honour.“Buganda has one of the best cultures I have ever seen in Africa. I urge you the young generation to always love, preserve and feel proud of it as your elders did,” he said.

Yoon Jung Tae was accompanied by the leader of the Uganda Korean cultural asso­ciation Omulangira Jackson Ndawula.The gala was attended by staff and stu­dents including the principal Mr. Anthony Wamala. Activities included traditional mu­sic, dance and drama, mining, original song composition, among others. The gala operated under the theme, “Cul­ture and innovativeness: an engine for unity and employment creation.” Yoon Jung Tae promised his country’s support to Buganda Royal institute: “Bu­ganda Royal is a good institution and we as South Koreans shall help in the development of this institution in terms of technology,” he said.

South Korea is an advanced country in technology, home to Samsung, the world’s leading and biggest telecommunications company.The principal thanked Yoon Jung Tae for attending the cultural gala and said the institute needs support from development partners to enable it grow. Mr. Wamala also encouraged his students to participate in all the institute’s activities and not to forget to concentrate on their studies.The gala was held of Friday 27th, where Muteesa/Nas­solo hall won the contest and the coveted shield.


South Korean Diplomat Visits Buganda Royal Institute

Buganda Royal Institute concluded its Annual Cultural Gala on 27th April 2018. The Chief Guest was Mr. Yoon Jung Tae, the Second Secretary of the South Korea Embassy.

                      Mr. Yoon Jung Tae, the Second Secretary of the South Korea Embassy signing in the Visitor’s Book

Mr. Yoon applauded the Institute for having organised the Gala through which students learn about their culture. He emphasised the importance of Culture as the only way people can retain their identity, besides being a major foundation for development of any society. He pledged continued cooperation between South Korea Embassy in Uganda and Buganda Kingdom working with different Kingdom institutions like Buganda Royal Institute of Business and Technical Education.

                     Mr. Yoon while addressing the congregation.                                      

 Mr. Yoon was accompanied by Omulangira Jackson Ndawula, the Chairperson of Uganda –Korea Cultural Friendship Association (UKCFA) and Rev. Phillip Kato, the Secretary General of the (UKCFA).

Mr.Yoon, Omulangira Ndawula, Rev. Phillip and Mr. Wamala in Principal’s office

The Cultural Gala is organised every year to enable students reflect on the diverse culture of Buganda and Uganda at large. According to Mr. Mugwanya Ronald the Patron of Baganda Nkobazambogo and the Chief Organiser the Cultural Gala, this event helps to build confidence among students. Mugwanya added that the Gala also helps students to explore their talents and develop into great personalities like the late Paul Kafeero.

         Patron Baganda Nkobazambogo Mr. Mugwanya Ronald  while addressing students

                   This year’s Cultural Gala focussed on commemorating the late Paul Job Kafeero and his contribution to Culture through his music. Therefore, all the four Hall which competed had to mime one of the late Paul Kafeero’s Songs as a way of appreciating his contribution and to interest the students to emulate him.

   Muteesa Nassolo Hall Students  performing one of Kafeero’s Songs                                    

Muteesa/Nassolo Hall emerged winners of 2018 Cultural Gala. Mwanga/Nabagereka Hall came 2nd followed by Mutebi/Ssangalyambo and Chwa/Kisosokole in that order.

Ssaalongo Ssennoga Majwala one of the adjudicators

Ssaalongo Ssennoga Majwala and Ms. Namukasa Harriet (the adjudicators) appreciated the ever improving performances exhibited by the competitors every year. The adjudicators thanked the Institute for organising this event every because it is an important means by which students can get to appreciate their cultural values and norms in their struggle to become responsible citizens. Muteesa/Nassolo Hall received a Bull in prize while other participants all received certificates of recognition.

Mr. Balikuddembe Joseph (Dean of Students) thanked Mr. Yoon for having graced the occasion. He also appreciated efforts by all students and staff who participated in their respective Halls, while special thanks went to the Nkobazambogo Students Association for making this event happen every year. The Dean said that one of the reasons why this Association was started was to train the young generation about their Culture.


Mr. Balikudembe Joseph (Dean of Students) giving out his speech.

Later in the day, the Banganda Nkobazambogo Association used the same event to swear in the incoming leadership headed by Mr. Muddu Thomas who replaced Mr. Segawa Ramathan. The swearing in ceremony was officiated by Ms. Nantanda Elizabeth, the Secretary National Council of the Baganda Nkobazambogo and Ms. Namirimu Mary, Ssentebe Baganda Nkobazambogo Makerere University.  Ssentebe(Presindet) Baganda Nkobazambogo handover his office to the new  elected President(Ssentebe)   






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