Chwa bounces back into competition

Chwa/Kisosonkole bounces back into competition

After about three years of consistent losses, members of Chwa/Kisosonkole Hall finally went into celebration and excitemnent after winning this year’s sports gala. The 2018 Sports Gala attracted participation of four including Chwa/Kisosonkole (Winners), Mutebi/Ssanga, Muteeesa/Nassolo, and Mwanga/Nabagereka. The Hall competed in different sporting activities notably: Netball, Athletics, Football, Beach soccer, Volley ball, Pool, Basket Ball, among others. Sports Gala is one of the major events on the Institute annual calendar. Mwanga/Nabagereka came second while Muteesa/Nassolo settled for the fourth position.

It is through such engagements that BRIBTE has been able to develop students talents, while some have been identified for national duty.

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